Our mission

Our mission is to help individuals, teams and organisations to discover and develop unused talents. The insights gained through our interventions ignites energy, inspiration and increased efficiency.
If you want to be ahead and equip your employees for a better future, you are only Seven Stones away.



Seven Stones has its origins in Pentacompany, which was founded in 1998 by Ineke Kievit, Richard Voorendonk and Peter Draisma. Pentacompany was a high quality psychological consultancy offering services such as assessments, coaching, training and strategic advice. The '5' in the name of Pentacompany stood for the Big 5 personality traits, the widely used, most substantiated and nuanced personality model. As founders, we worked together from a deep-rooted passion for our profession.


Insights into potential for development, career direction or suitability for particular roles

Our Assessment Center remains the best way to increase the success rate when it comes to taking decisions on selection issues.

Unlocking talent and taking steps

Coaching is a targeted method of guidance, aimed at the optimal functioning of people in their work. Self-insight and the strengthening of existing qualities are central to this.

Team development and performance

Collaboration and coordination are essential in every team. But there are all kinds of obstacles that hinder optimal teamwork, such as unclear or not shared goals, conflicting or

Rediscover yourself: Buut Vrij

You are looking for inspiration to discover, unlock and develop more of yourself, to become the person you've always aimed or aspired to be.

A ceiling is just another concept

A role that really matches your personality, motivation and abilities offers more for yourself and your organisation.

Our talents often stay hidden because of the focus on short-term objectives

Long standing beliefs and habits often limit our ambitions and personal freedom

Development is often sought in areas where there is little potential.

Connecting with our talents ensures faster growth, satisfaction and greater fun!

Wat zeggen onze clienten

Peter weet top managers in korte tijd te inspireren om naar hun (on) mogelijkheden te presteren, effectiever te worden, De vinger op de zere plek te leggen en in te schatten wat wel en niet kan worden veranderd in het gedrag van top shots (en anderen)

Our references

Our client base varies from private individuals to large companies, and we are very proud to work with the following outstanding organisations.

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”. *Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

Seven Stones stands for creating returns by optimizing the potential of leaders and professionals. Through individual and team assessment and coaching. Effects are lasting change, results, and satisfaction. Unique motives, personal characteristics, and qualities are identified and come into their own. Alignment with what the business requires is noticeably improved.