For myself

Welcome to Seven Stones

We look for unique motives, personality traits and qualities and find ways to bring them to fruition. Any obstacles are removed or put into a manageable context. The balance between what you bring and what is asked of you, at work and beyond, is noticeably improved.


Assessment info for participants

At Seven Stones, we guarantee you a safe environment, characterised by respect and trust, where positive psychological thinking stimulates you to take healthy risks. We are looking for underused talents and unrealised  possibilities instead of emphasizing things that are not possible or cannot be done.


Not only do we carry out assessments at senior levels within organisations, we also advise such organisations on the setting up of their own advanced assessment processes, with a precise pre-selection at the start and a thorough increase in effectiveness at the end.


Our programme includes tests, interviews and role plays. In a game setting, the participant is put to work in a simulated business environment, complete with interactive role plays and conversations with clients, employees or members of the press. This is all done by our very experienced specialists. The process is not only candidate friendly and flexible, our subsequent reports provide guidance for career planning and management development.


Personal coaching

Optimising you as an individual means aligning your talents and characteristics in the context of your role within an organisation. Some things can be changed, others cannot. Those aspects that can be developed are the subject of coaching, further development, and behavioural change. That which is inextricably linked to you, your character for example, requires acceptance, making “friends” with it, making a pact with it.

We make use of our many years of experience as trainer-supervisors in the areas of management skills, stress and time management, influencing behaviour, team development, etc. These have resulted in numerous practical tools and strategies that are offered throughout the coaching.


Participant profile: You want to discover more about yourself. You want to optimise your personal development by gaining a deeper understanding of who you really are. You’re not looking for quick-tricks; you seek long-term sustainable development and change.


Specialisation and experience

We are familiar with and competent in areas such as career planning, the development of competencies, motivation, leadership development, assertiveness and persuasiveness.


We are also familiar with underlying questions and recurring patterns such as ‘why can I still not do something despite having spent time working on it’, how to cope with impeding beliefs.


All of us bring a wealth of experience to our roles; we ourselves have achieved a great deal of personal development, which we still continue!


Style of coaching

Which approach is taken of course depends on the issues raised. However, self-insight and strengthening of existing qualities are always central. The style we use is questioning and reflective wherever possible; but where necessary also directive. We ask questions that extend participants current perspectives and shed new light on underlying issues. This involves, on the one hand, directly changing behaviour and, on the other hand, adapting fresh ‘mental models’ and beliefs. We look broadly and deeply using different evidence-based insights and methods.