Buut Vrij

Do you remember who you really are?

You’ve got the wind at your back, so why aren’t you powering ahead?

You are looking for inspiration to discover, unlock and develop more of yourself, to become the person you’ve always aimed or aspired to be. Buut Vrij offers you the opportunity to do exactly this.


The word ‘buut’ means goal or target. And the Dutch version of hide-and-seek often includes a place where the hiders have to try to run to, without being spotted by the seeker. If they manage this they are ‘buutvrij’: safe or free. They have safely achieved their goal.


The Buut Vrij programme helps you to discover the person you really are. It challenges, supports, and helps you achieve your maximum potential. It also provides an opportunity for you to find the answers to some of the big questions that arise from a desire to live life to the full.


This means a life where you fully understand your own aspirations, can formulate clear objectives, and can confidently plan a realistic route to their achievement. A life where your essential self is in the foreground.

The personal leadership programme




Leadership Skills Development


Personal Development


Self Awareness Journey

What is the purpose of Buut Vrij?

Buut Vrij aims to increase understanding and acceptance of your individuality. Our guidance is aimed at helping you to recognise which values and convictions are of the greatest importance to you, and which unthinking habits or beliefs that are now present in your everyday life may actually be limiting you.


This is the prelude to obtaining clarity as to your deeper motives, true identity and personal ‘raison d’être’. You will be supported during the journey inside which takes place in a safe environment. But you yourself and your experience of the world is absolutely central to all we do.


The results we aim for are:

  • You develop your own ability to create more stability and balance in your emotional life and relationships.
  • You achieve more control and ownership over your own environment and work. You feel freer from obstructive thoughts, and you can therefore develop and grow more freely.
  • You know how to cope with negative and obstructing thoughts thereby allowing you to develop and grow more freely.
  • You experience a sense of greater freedom and a stronger connection with your essential self and your environment.
  • Your choices are more in line with your abilities and motives, leading to better outcomes, more energy and pleasure.


That is our commitment and central ambition for all our participants.

Why Buut Vrij?

Due to the ever increasing pace of life and the complexity within organizations and society, we see more and more people struggling with the fact that this is their life and asking themselves “Is this who I really want to be?” Such a situation is often accompanied by feelings of constant stress and anxiety, wanting to do everything at once and being in a constant state of restlessness. It seems that we are less and less in control of our own lives and able to make free choices as to the direction we wish to take, choices of crucial importance for our work, our personal relationships and the whole meaning and focus of our lives.

If you can identify with this, we would encourage you to participate in the Buut Vrij programme.

Je wilt meer helderheid in je diepere drijfveren.

What does Buut Vrij stand for?

“Buut Vrij” is the metaphor for the personal leadership programme we offer to participants who want to be free to choose their own futures and who dare to step out of their ‘hiding place’ and to challenge their fixed patterns of behaviour. Just as in the Dutch version of hide-and-seek, those who reach the ‘buut’ place, or home, are “Buut Vrij!” they know themselves to be safe and free.  But the precondition for this is that you have to be brave enough to give up your hiding place, move out of your comfort zone and run fast, to embrace what is necessary, to make yourself free.


Our programme follows a structure we call ‘from outside to inside to outside’. In other words, their own current context, experiences and beliefs are the starting point for every participant. These are examined against each individual’s real, possibly subconscious, inner world and then returned to the daily environment with new insights. These new insights and convictions are then available on the basis of your own freedom of choice to be integrated into your life’s future pattern.


In other words by gaining insights into what you have been hiding or accepting without questioning and identifying what your true goal should be – where you would be free and in control – you establish the direction you want to run in, the direction your future life will take, and can go full-speed ahead towards confidently achieving your personal goals.

The programme

Over a period of 6 months, participants will be guided on their journey of self-discovery and self-development. Buut Vrij takes the following steps:

Introductory appointment

Getting to know the group

3-day session

Follow up coaching session


Reunion day

Prior to the start of the programme there will be an introductory appointment. The goal is to become aware of your developmental aspirations. Also we explore if there is a good match between your wishes and the programme.

There follows a full day session for getting to know each other and to give form to the process of learning about, with and from each other.

Next comes the Buut Vrij 3 day session starting on Sunday and continuing through to Wednesday afternoon. It takes place at a carefully selected countryside location, which is equipped with everything needed to ensure optimal participation.

A follow up coaching session takes place with both supervisors (multiple sessions are optional).

After about two months after the 3 day session we offer an intervision meeting. This is meant to keep the fire of your personal development alive.

6 months after the first group meeting, a day to share and celebrate progress made. This meeting is also intended to determine actions needed for further development.

For whom?

If you recognise yourself in the Why description of this programme then you will benefit from participating in Buut Vrij. You can already be very successful in what you are doing and yet still feel a desire to take further steps in your development. Your capacity for self-reflection and the motivation to explore your inner beliefs and patterns of behaviour are shared by all other Buut Vrij participants. In addition, you operate in a complex environment and have a responsible role within it.

When do we start?

At the moment there is no current Buut Vrij program.
If you are interested, feel free to contact us.


With a current Buut Vrij edition we have the following program:

  • Introduction day in Hilversum
  • Three-day program in De Lutte (usually from Sunday evening to Wednesday afternoon)
  • Return day location Hilversum.

Group accommodation:

”De oerboerderij” in De Lutte

” De Hoorneboeg” in Hilversum

Benefits for the sponsor/your personal environment:

  • More effective leadership
  • Increased enthusiasm
  • A sounder work-life balance
  • Confident and assertive communication
  • More decisiveness and effective actions

What distinguishes Buut Vrij from the other courses on personal development?

“Buut Vrij” offers an individually tailored personal leadership programme for participants who want to gain an insight into their true aspirations and goals and the confidence to set about achieving them.


  • Sufficient attentions for every single person: we only allow a maximum of 7 participants per course.
  • Buut Vrij is about personal leadership, about you as a leader! We ensure that the programme revolves around your own personal development ambitions and goals.
  • Buut Vrij bridges the gap between the reality of work within an organisation and the psychological well-being of the individuals who work there.
  • The programme is designed in such a way that the process of individual development is not finite. After the formal 6 months period we always stay in touch continuing our involvement through intervision meetings ensuring that participants can continue to develop themselves steadily and effectively by engagement with a network of like-minded people.
  • Buut Vrij integrates different spheres of life (paradigms in economics, psychology, philosophy, spirituality). This eclectic approach allows participants to choose from a variety of knowledge, skills, experiences and insights.

Meet the supervisors

Our supervisors each bring their own individual knowledge, experience and abilities to our programme. With different backgrounds, they ensure that a wide range of professional and business knowledge is guaranteed. This means that for each participant there is a supervisor who meets his or her development needs.

Peter Draisma

As a business psychologist, optimising people is at the heart of what I seek to achieve. This slogan touches on the core of my mission: to enable individuals to make the most of their abilities by aligning their talents and characteristics with their role within the organisation. Some things cannot be changed, others can. Those aspects that you can develop form the basis of substantial growth. Knowing and following your real desires and motives is crucial. I use my years of experience as a trainer-supervisor in the areas of management skills, stress and time management, influencing behaviour, team development, etc. These have provided me with numerous practical guides and tools that I offer during my coaching.

Petra Versteegh

As a passionate psychologist, I seek the full exploitation of your potential and thus the fullest life that you can live. Because of my background in organisational and clinical psychology, I have a solid foundation in what personal development means and especially what is needed to develop ourselves into true leaders of other people whilst at the same time achieving the best personal lives we are capable of as individuals. What thresholds do we experience? What are our boundaries? And especially, What is needed to develop ourselves into true leaders? Leaders of our own precious life.