For organizations

Discovering and developing unused talents

Seven Stones stands for the discovery and development of unused talents in individuals and organisations, abilities that are present within a person and an organisation, but are not or are only partially used. We are very experienced and adapt at getting to the heart of problems that occur in the interaction between the individual and the organisation.


With a wide range of expertise, we make our experience and knowledge available to guide participants to the next stage of their development. So that organisations become more fun and attractive in which to work and more successful in terms of sales, labour recruitment, retention and efficiency and the working of the organisation in general.


As a business successor to Pentacompany, with 20 years of knowledge and experience we have a lot to offer to all types of businesses and organisations.


We work in an evidence based, well-founded, open manner with no loud, commercial hypes, exaggerations and other fancy talk such as is regularly used to with business.

Examples of successful assignments we have undertaken in the past

  • The composition of the Supervisory Board needs to be further balanced in order to improve cooperation.
  • The CFO of a large group of companies has just been appointed and finds it difficult to adjust to this new level.
  • The company’s management team is young and dynamic, but needs to be prepared quickly to meet market challenges.
  • Cooperation with the Chairman of the Board of Directors is becoming increasingly difficult and there are tensions that need to be addressed quickly.
  • This DGA has to learn to transfer its own company to a successor and let it go, it forms a blockage in the further development of its own company.
  • The organisation wants to change, but it is still not doing enough, how do we get it done?
  • How do we ensure optimal succession planning and a leadership pipeline?
  • How should the identification of leadership and commercial talent be carried out?
  • A consultancy (IT, strategic) encounters tensions and conflicts with a client. It is not possible to get the project moving in a process-oriented manner.