Passionate, inspiring and experienced professionals, focused on exceeding expectations


Peter Draisma

Freeing up hidden talents and helping leaders and potential leaders in their development, searching together to connect to real motives; that's what I enjoy working for every day!


Kathrine van Nispen

I am energized by continuously seeking to improve the service for the client. In my opinion, concentration, flexibility and real attention throughout the entire process are the key to success in the day-to-day running of our practice. Interaction is important, and I like that.


Chantal van der Loo

In all consultancy situations Chantal is driven by the question: 'How can I make the difference here?

Portret Bart Kurver

Bart Kurver

My great interest in people's experiences and motivations was the reason I studied Psychology. Why do some people succeed in successfully achieving personal and professional goals while others' lives are much more determined by their environment? This fact continues to fascinate me and I am constantly seeing it in all facets of my work.


Petra Versteegh

As a child I was already curious about human behaviour and that curiosity has refined itself into the need to help people to get to know their true selves, every aspect that is essential to that person.


Jochem Kramer

Contributing to sustainable, fruitful relationships between people and organizations gives me great satisfaction. I see it as my challenge to make the developability of this relationship as transparent as possible for both parties and to facilitate in this relationship. How can the person with his talent, competences and personality connect to the organization and vice versa.


Christine van Baar

Supporting people in their professional and personal development is what I want to do! Central themes here are communication and connection. Education is the sector in which I have the most expertise.

Portret Michiel J. Zeegers

Michiel Zeegers

As a coach of both companies and individuals, I know how to create a safe atmosphere in an elegant yet critical way. The effect of this is that space for (self) reflection is almost self-evident. Only when you recognize your own core are you open to the world around you.

Portret Jeroen Kroesse

Jeroen Kroese

In my experience, technical and business plans only come into their own if they focus on people in the best possible way. I combine my extensive managerial experience with the knowledge I gained during my studies. In this way I hope to give people within organisations new insights. This enables them to improve processes and also to raise their own level of performance and that of others.

Portret Yvonne

Yvonne Besteman

My conviction and motivation are that people are at the heart of every company. In order to achieve the organisation's objectives, it is important for an employer to be fully aware of this and to make the best possible use of the employees' capabilities. ``Organisation happy, employees happy.``


Jan Brunsting

The great thing about our profession is that I am allowed to walk together with people for a while with the knowledge and experience I have at my disposal to enable them to benefit from this knowledge.
I seek to help in improving communication, especially in difficult situations, in unravelling dilemmas in coaching and in developing teams.


JanBart Wilmink

To let leaders and organisations to rise above their own expectations by introducing them to their 'ultimate' talents, and to guide them in removing their blockages, such that organisations are led by people who connect and inspire with passion and conviction; that's what I stand for!


Ivo Brautigam

It is when you are surrounded by nature that you learn to know your true self. Following the motto: ``If you really want to live, go off-road!`` I want to lead you through an unparalleled encounter with your true nature, whilst surrounded by nature. What has been hidden can unfold; you can find peace and an anchoring within yourself to enable you to move forward as a stronger person. Customised 'off-road' coaching, for individuals and teams.