Real added value

We provide applied psychology at the level of the individual, the team and the organisation. When doing so, we use our expertise to identify underlying patterns that enable essential insights and lead to sustainable changes. And we do this in an analytical, direct, pragmatic and personal way, without hyperbole and unnecessary fuss.

Assessment and development centers

Our Assessment Center continues to be the best way to reduce risk when it comes to taking decisions on selection issues, succession planning, and effectively spending development budgets on leadership development. A well-executed assessment provides added value in at least two areas.

Team guidance

Collaboration and coordination are essential in every team. But there are all kinds of obstacles that hinder optimal teamwork, such as unclear or not shared goals, conflicting or overlapping roles, vague rules of the game, conflicting interests, complex personalities, etcetera.

Individual guidance and coaching

Coaching is a targeted method of guidance, aimed at the optimal functioning of people in their work. Self-insight and the strengthening of existing qualities are central to this. Our approach, where possible, is questioning and reflective; and where necessary, directive. We ask questions that push the boundaries of the current perspective and shed new light on underlying themes. This involves, on the one hand, directly changing behaviour and, on the other, adapting ‘mental models’ and beliefs.

The personal leadership programme

The Buut Vrij programme helps you to discover the person you really are. It challenges, supports, and helps you achieve your maximum potential. It also provides an opportunity for you to find the answers to some of the big questions that arise from a desire to live life to the full.

Prisma 360 feedback tool

Our fully-automated instrument to collect and analyze community feedback is a particularly useful addition to aforementioned assessment types. With this tool employers, coworkers, clients, management and others can make a powerful contribution to someone’s personal development. It is the solution for a clear and fast insight in oneself and organization. Prisma 360 is a valuable addition to existing services offered to organization consultants and coaches.